October 27, 2008

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Drink up baby, look at the stars and I'll kiss you again between the bars

"For me visiting a bar is the same cultural experience as going to the theater, museum, watching a movie. It is architecture, music, literature and cinema all in one. Drawing in bars helps to get these things altogether — you only chose the seat with the best view and start spying. Unknown different people around, how they act in the place, how they look in the interior, different stories, different voices, music makes the real mood. So that's where you can get inspiration even without alcohol.

So can you imagine the ideal evening: dark party bar, billie holiday playing, wine shines in the glasses, drops of beer on the table, the smell of cinnamon and somebodies perfume, soft light, beautiful dresses and colors, people laughing. And you can draw it all the way you want!"

• Kate's art on Flickr.
• Kate's website.


Frida said...

I love what you wrote! And I adore all your sketches!

Stephen Gardner said...

Kate, you're a woman after my own heart. I too do most of my drawings in the bars of New York City. I look forward to seeing more.

Richard Câmara said...

Very inspiring words!
Looking forward to see more nightlife in your sketchbooks and I´ll try it myself, just to see how it turns out ;)

petescully said...

your work is great, glad to see it!

Olha Pryymak said...

yey for Elliot Smith!!

Ekaterina said...

thank you all! so nice to read all your kind words!

to stephen -wow! I dream about going to New-York and exploring it's wonderful bars!

to Olha - yeah! but I prefer this song by Madeleine Perveyeux(not sure if I'm writing correctly)I thing her singing is incredible

Donald Maier said...

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