October 16, 2008

Meet the correspondents: SÃO PAULO > João Pinheiro

"I do not remember any time in my life when I did not practice drawing. Over the years, I only saw the will to draw grow on me day after day. Since 1999, I record my impressions in notebooks that vary in size. I don't follow a single technique, I use graphite, ballpoint pen, China ink, gouache or watercolor. In the sketch is explained my way of seeing the world. I believe that through the visual record we can see things that go unnoticed on another occasion. I draw everywhere: In the subway, on buses, at the bakery, at home ... often use blank pages from the books for my paintings in oil or various graphics projects."

• João's blog.
• João's website.


gabi campanario said...

gosto muito do teus desenhos João! looking forward to seeing you work here

josé louro said...

Finalmente conheço o teu trabalho. Já me tinham falado de ti, mas o tempo escasseia na blogosfera.

Donald Maier said...

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Don Maier