October 26, 2008

Meet the correspondents: SAN FRANCISCO > Martha McEvoy

"I love to sketch urban environments, especially when natural and manmade elements collide. It is in these spaces that cities express their vitality and unique personality. I do a lot of sketching in cafes and bars as well as on the street or, in inclement weather, from my car. Whether in my hometown of Berkeley or throughout the greater Bay Area I find endless sketching inspiration.

My favorite pages are captured when unexpected opportunities arise so I keep my little sketching kit close at hand. Sketching also gives me the motivation to travel, alone or with others. It provides a purpose for my trips and outings; rather than feeling indulgent I become a noble explorer. I love that sketching is a solitary activity yet can place and ground me in the middle of crowded, lively scenes. My sketchbook is a true friend: it goes with me everywhere, shares my adventures, saves me from boredom, and keeps me company."

• Martha's blog: Trumpetvine Travels.
• Martha's art on Flickr.


Rob Carey said...

How great to be so close to SF to sketch. So many interesting images to capture, and some great memories we have there. I also admire your sketches in France- great work.

petescully said...

martha's work was one of the biggest inspirations for my sketching, i love the techniques you use and the lessons you give on your blog

Donald Maier said...

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