October 22, 2008

Meet the correspondents: RICHMOND, Va. > Tin Salamunic

"I consider my sketchbook pages to be peepholes into my life. Slices of my everyday experiences and observations.
My goal is to tell the viewer a story. My story. The story of everyday life, which is unique with each and every person.
I carry my sketchbook everywhere I go and take every opportunity I get to draw all the interesting things I see.

Every block of my city has a different story to tell... it is my mission to pause that story and let everyone take a look. Nowadays, everyone seems to be so busy, rushing back and forth, always looking ahead, but never looking around.

I get most of my inspiration from the simplicity in life. The moments and things no one ever pays attention to. An old man reading a newspaper, a young girl holding her mom's hand... cars that have been parked on the streets for weeks, abandoned buildings whose worn out structure tends to give off a certain expression. It's not always about pure creativity and conceptual thinking... sometimes it's about appreciating what's already there.

That is my sketchbook."

• Tin's blog.
• Tin's website.


marina said...

Wonderfull line work!
I love your sketches a lot!

Ea Ejersbo said...

Hello Tin. Wonderful closely observed lines - so clean and precise.

Nina Johansson said...

Your drawings knock my socks off, I adore the line work. It´s a good thing for me that your blog archive makes up a long list. :)

Julián Abreu said...


joão pinheiro said...


BarryMac said...

Brilliant and inspiring. Will be back often, hopefully with some of my own work.


lapin said...

cool to see you there !

stupot said...

detail, detail, detail. Inspiring stuff, tin. Glad to be associated.

Tommy Kane said...

nice header.

Donald Maier said...

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