October 17, 2008

Meet the correspondents: PITTSBURGH > Elizabeth Perry

"When I began to draw four years ago, drawing every day gave me the excuse to slow down and pay closer attention to ordinary things. The more I drew, the more I noticed, and the more drawing became integral to the way I see. I use very portable materials: fountain pen, brush pen, waterbrush, and sometimes gouache (which I keep in a painting kit made from a mini-Altoids tin), so I can work almost anywhere. Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania, is a city of hills and rivers, of unexpected neighborhoods and surprising views — I've lived here nearly half my life, now, and look forward to showing you some of what I see."

• Elizabeth's blog: woolgathering.


Tommy Kane said...


velop said...

this is a very nice light.

colby dean said...

this is absolutely astounding!! great work!(=

Donald Maier said...

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Victor Beltran said...

Are you still sketching in Pittsburgh?
I live in Pittsburgh too.