October 28, 2008

Meet the correspondents: OSLO > Frida

"I live in the heart of Oslo. People here are busy and private, they only care for their own business, and actually leave me alone to observe their environment and sketch them. It’s not as cold in the city as the rumors has it, but you can’t really sit for long outdoors drawing during winter, early spring and late autumn. I’m not very patient anyway. Whenever I start a sketch, I’m immediately looking forward to starting on the next one.

Like others correspondents of Urban Sketchers, I use my sketches to document my life and experiences through the days and keep my sketches in my journals. As a rule I’ve prohibited myself to rip out any pages in my journals. It gives me focus and forces me to commit to my sketches. I’ve always considered myself as fortunate because I have the skill to do what I enjoy the most. Can’t wait to share my greatest joy with you!"

• Frida's art on Flickr.


gabi campanario said...

your sketches are fabulous Frida, looking forward to seeing more of Oslo thru your eyes

matthew_c said...

I agree - your sketches have such a wonderful sense of colour and ease. And Oslo seems like such an exotic place!

petescully said...

i like the style of sketching you use, it's great.

Donald Maier said...

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