October 30, 2008

Meet the correspondents: NEW YORK > Veronica Lawlor

"Reportage drawing has been the lifeline of my artistic life. It’s the way I was trained as a student, the way I work now as an illustrator, and the way I teach my students to approach their art. Reportage engages the world in a direct, emotional way, and allows for the personality of the artist to shine through. When I go on location to draw and paint, I experience the place and can feel a part of it in a way that is possible only through art. I have been plotzed on by pigeons in San Marco, chased by an irate jazz musician in New Orleans, surrounded by curious tourists in the Forbidden City (who were scattered by the Chinese army, no less), spritzed by holy water at a Japanese temple, jostled by excited fans at a bullfight and interrogated by a New Jersey highway patrolman, and I have loved every minute of it. Not to mention the many, many personal stories related to memory and place that have been entrusted to me over the years by people as I've wandered around the world, sketchbook in hand. Reportage is a way to understand culture, customs and ultimately, human nature. I've met so many people through the language of art and drawing, and heard so many stories: it’s been a wonderful experience for me. As a native of New York City, I thrive on multi-cultural urban environments, and whether I’m traveling around the world or drawing the world right here in Manhattan, reportage is my way of connecting with it all."

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Lok said...

Great reportage work, all the sketches look very much alive and with a great sense of place. Will be nice to see your posts here, cheers..

stupot said...

love the drawings, Veronica. lots of energy and detail. Look forward to more.

pascal said...

links to her blog doesn't work anymore.

come and have a look to my blog please

aandreuccetti said...

Hi Veronica, just to say I love your ink works.
PS: your links here doesn't run properly you must them.
Ciao from Italy

Veronica Lawlor said...

Hi all, Thanks for your comments!

I'm checking out the blog issue....

gabi campanario said...

the links on Amanda's post were broken but i've fixed them (sorry!). the links here seem to work fine.

your work is terrific Veronica! i love it!

Donald Maier said...

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