October 28, 2008

Meet the correspondents: NEW YORK > Stephen Gardner

"I rediscovered my love of drawing during an MA course in illustration. I have been a professional illustrator for more than twenty years and prior to taking the course had gotten a little stale. Now I draw everyday as a way to keep my work fresh and honest.

Living in New York City, as I have done for the last twenty years, I’m amazed by just how much can pass you by if you fail to stop and look. Carrying a sketchbook with me has given me a reason to seek out new places and experiences that I would otherwise have missed.

I live in Brooklyn so I hope to show you just what makes this place so special."

• Stephen's blog: sketch of the day.
• Stephen's website.


larry said...

Congrats Stephen.

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks Larry, I'm looking forward to this new challenge.

petescully said...

i love your sketches (but for some reason am unable to comment on your blog!), especially the ones done from inside the bar...

Donald Maier said...

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