October 30, 2008

Meet the correspondents: NEW YORK > Greg Betza

"I am an illustrator living right outside of New York City. During my years studying in New York (at Parsons and the David J. Passalacqua School), I was introduced to the art of reportage. Reportage taught me what it means to be an artist. It is an honest practice of observing, understanding, and translating. New York is an amazing place and in many ways the entire world is here. The people, places, history and culture have allowed me to grow as an artist as I try to keep my art evolving to match it's constantly changing landscape.

What I love most about what I do is the opportunity to meet someone new, discover a place I've never been, or learn something just because I'm out there doing it. The practice of translating what I see into something that communicates has taught me about myself and my reasons for creating art.

In today's world of communication, it is increasingly rare to see the humanity in visual language, and even more rare to feel it. I believe it is so important to remember that our uniqueness is what makes the world interesting and beautiful."

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• Greg's website.


Stephen Gardner said...

Absolutely brilliant, I'm glad to have a chance to see your work and look forward to seeing more.

Greg Betza said...

Thank you Stephen I look forward to see more of your work too. Maybe I'll see you on the Subway!

gabi campanario said...

your work is inspiring Greg, awesome style!

Lok said...

Love your work Greg, will be great to see what you contribute to the blog..

Margaret@studio1482.com said...

Hi Greg-
Nice drawing, and some good sentiments about reportage.


Donald Maier said...

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