October 19, 2008

Meet the correspondents: MADRID > Nuno Branco

March 11 attacks memorial at Atocha train station.

"I'm an an architect and also a Theology student in Madrid. Drawing is my passion. When I walk around the city I carry my sketchbook to document every moment and place in the city. I like to observe the different cultures and people while I ride the metro. I take advantage of waiting times to draw the movement in the urban environment. It's like taking photographs but drawing instead of using a camera."

• Nuno's blog: Caderno de viagens.


gabi campanario said...

I recognized Atocha right away. Last time I was there I took the high speed train to Sevilla in 2001 so I have not since the M11 memorial. It must be a powerful sight. Love your style Nuno.

Frida said...

Love your sketches and love your style!

Sharon Frost said...

The first time I went through Atocha after M11 it was a pretty powerful experience. We've been through several times since and it remains one of the truly unique train stations. This is a lovely view.

josé louro said...

Olá Nuno. Sou frequentador do teu blogue. Muito gosto em ver-te aqui.

Donald Maier said...

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