October 27, 2008

Meet the correspondents: LISBON > José Louro

"I draw, most of the times, for pleasure. That’s why I rarely draw buildings. When it comes to buildings, drawing becomes more like a punishment. My city happens outdoors and indoors. Like the traffic and the mall. Again, my city, especially an urban city like Lisbon, is about people’s everyday life. I just sit and try to catch the moments that happen in front of me. What interest me are the little things that, I think, no one really cares about. And, when my hand allow, I put these little things in a pedestal. But I know that someday I got to look up and try to draw those damned buildings. Perhaps now, with this invitation to Urban Sketchers, the god of drawing finally put his hand on my shoulder and guides me to do what the rest of the fellows here do so well."

• José's blog: a janela de Alberti


marina said...

your sketches are incredible!
I love their freedom!

free[k]hand said...

Hola José, encantado de verte por aquí!

matthew_c said...

Jose', I like your comments about drawing buildings !
Your work looks great - and I look forward to more sketches from Lisbon (a city I'd love to visit some day).

Edition Handdruck said...

Very nice work ! Long time since I have been to Lisbon,but it´s a perfect place for urban sketches.
There are great buildings :). Buildings are very easy to draw, they don´t move (mostly).

José Pedro said...

Estás Fortissimo!!


Alvaro Carnicero said...

Hola José, me alegro mucho que también te encuentro aquí!

Conceição Duarte said...

Muito bonito os desenhor, de traços firmes, cores bonitas, tudo em ordem, equilíbrio perfeito, entre o desenho, o espírito e a cor. bj CON

Donald Maier said...

Please join us and tell your friends about:
we are worldwide, free and growing faster than the swine flu.

Don Maier

RUY_a said...

Olá José,

Gostava de começar a pintar em aguarela.

Sabe se posso encontrar na Internet dicas (ou algum curso) de como iniciar?