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October 29, 2008

Meet the correspondents: LISBON > João Catarino

"Drawing everywhere is like traveling all the time. When you go out for a small walk, if you stop and give yourself some time to look around and make a drawing, you can have minutes of total concentration and get a lot of pleasure from ordinary shapes and colours. You can also create your own view and interpretation of the world so that it becomes acessible to others. Sketching is also a way to document and share our lives."

• João's blog: desenhos do dia.


Richard Câmara said...

Both photo and sketch :)

e.s. said...

Os pastéis de carne na Palmeira eram imbatíveis. A foto/desenho também.

Vilar Franco said...

Magnífico, grande enquadramento...

Lynne Chapman said...

Love the half and half pic - great fun!

Donald Maier said...

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Don Maier

RUY_a said...

Olá João,

Gostava de começar a pintar em aguarela.

Sabe se posso encontrar na Internet dicas (ou algum curso) de como iniciar?


Alexandra said...

Adorei os seus trabalhos!