October 27, 2008

Meet the correspondents: CÓRDOBA > Álvaro Carnicero

"When I draw I am able to understand better the reality of a landscape or an object. I find it also a social activity, which interweaves the conversation, walks, meals, drawings. It is also fun, relaxing and very satisfying in the end.

I want my drawing to be simple in order to grasp better the complexity and I try to broaden my horizons by learning new techniques. Although it is always easier for me to draw buildings since I'm an architect, or generally static objects that are not alive, I attempt to learn a bit from everything and everyone.

I like to draw cities. They don't interest me so much from the aesthetic or artistic point of view, as from its functional point of view, the way they are. Drawing is a way to understand better a city, and it is perhaps the most sincere souvenir."

• Álvaro's art on Flickr.
• Álvaro's blog.
Relocated to Rzeszów, Poland, July 2015. See Álvaro's post Changes and Beginnings


gabi campanario said...

i am a big fan of your work Álvaro, i like how you're able to simplify the complex urban environment with your lines

free[k]hand said...

Hola quiyo, encantao d'encontrarte en el sarao este!

Alvaro Carnicero said...

:) Gracias! Yo también me alegro de estar aquí con vosotros!

:) Thank you very much, I´m also very glad to be here with you!

Donald Maier said...

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Don Maier

Serranito said...

Hola, Soy Inma Serrano, soy de Sevilla pero trabajo en Baena. Este fin de semana vamos a quedar para dibujar en Sevilla.Me parece muy chulo tu trabajo. Podríamos pensar una quedada en córdoba, con nuestras libretas. Saludos. Inma

Alvaro Carnicero said...

Hola Inma, claro que sí que podemos hacer una quedada, estoy curioso, nunca he ido a una, creo que aquí en Córdoba no somos muchos, pero siempre sería un placer recibir a los de fuera :)

Serranito said...

Yo tampoco he estado en ninguna pero siempre será u buen momento para empezar, no?. Haré lo posible por estar en Córdoba alguna de las tardes de este mes. Yo te aviso por si nos vemos, de acuerdo?. Saludos. Inma