October 23, 2008

Meet the correspondents: ÅRHUS, Denmark > Ea Ejersbo

"I'm based in the outskirts of Århus, which is Denmark's second largest town. Århus is a university town with an active cultural scene and a comparatively young population for Scandinavia. The climate is mild and wet, with long dark and rather chilly winters that make outdoor sketching a seasonal activity. I normally carry a sketchbook and a few pens in my bag or coat pocket, and enjoy sketching in cafés, town squares, at bus stops and while commuting between home and work. I like to observe and register the things that surround me and that I'm a part of, and sketching is a way to experience and share my appreciation of life. One of the things I like about sketching in town is the many layers present everywhere, the history and different functions inherent in the buildings and spaces, the many lives being lived each moment, intersecting with each other or passing unnoticed right under other people's noses — sketching makes me slow down and see these things in a way that I wouldn't otherwise do."

• Ea's blog.
• Ea's art on Flickr.


Frida said...

You are one of my favourite sketchers! I love every piece of your work!

Wil Freeborn said...

great to see you here on the blog Ea!

marina said...

Hey, Ea! So great to "meet" you!

Ea Ejersbo said...

Hi there Frida, Wil and Marina - I'm really looking forward to seeing this blog take off, what with all the different artists and places represented!

Donald Maier said...

Please join us and tell your friends about:
we are worldwide and growing fast, and free.

Don Maier

Anonymous said...

Ea, this is 'Mel' - you already know I'm a big fan, and thanks for introducing me to Urban Sketchers!