October 19, 2008

Drawing more attention

We haven't even started yet but there's already some expectation about Urban Sketchers (US). What some folks are saying:

• Armand Frasco (Moleskinerie) says in this post that "this site promises to be one of the best around."

• Katherine's Tyrrell (Making a mark) picked up Armand's post and added US to her list of art blogs who made a mark this week.

• Canadian journalist Renato Zane illustrated his post about US with his own sketches.

Content Design Group, a design firm based in Jacksonville, Florida, has a post about US on their blog and wonder who's going to be our correspondent in Jacksonville.

• And last but not least, Bilkent University Preparatory School in Ankara, Turkey, also blogged about US here. In a very nice e-mail, their art teacher told me how this blog would be a great resource for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who are learning about using sketchbooks. So, there you go, the future generation of urban sketchers is already watching.


szaza said...

Wow! How wonderful is that?

Ea Ejersbo said...

That's nice! Especially the possibility of inspiring more people to take up sketching and keeping a sketching journal of some kind.