August 30, 2014

Sketching at Singapore's most bizarre theme park Haw Par Villa

Every end of the month, we sketchers from Singapore have a sketchwalk. Today, we visited Haw Par Villa, a theme park here.

The video below is what I shot today. Viewers' discretion is advised because there are some gory scenes.

The park was originally called Tiger Balms Gardens and was built in the 1937 by Burmese-Chinese brothers Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par. In 1988, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) took over the park and modernised it into a Haw Par Villa Dragon World. Entrance fees were imposed but the attraction did not do well and was forced to provide free entry 10 years later. Now, the park barely maintained.

There are over 1,000 statues and 150 dioramas depicting scenes of Chinese mythology and folklore. The designs can be really offbeat at times. STB still maintain the statues as I can see that their coat of paint are quite new and vibrant despite being exposed to the weather.

To check out some photos, visit my blog post, and for more sketchwalk videos, visit my Vimeo page.

- Parka

Urban Sketching Symposium Paraty 2014 - Day Three on Social Media

Another full day of sketching and sharing in Paraty on Friday. The sketchers are more settled in their temporary home, and are finding a minute here and there to share their adventures on social media.

There are fewer #uskparaty2014 posts on Twitter, but the ones that are there are great! Check out that horse!

Sketchers are sharing a lot of individual sketches on Facebook:

Thiago Salcedo's sketch, posted when "hot out of the oven"

Ch'ing Kiah Kiean warming up for his demo, Sketching with Dry Twig and Chinese Ink

Kumi Matsukawa's early morning sketch

Liz Steel's early morning sketch

Suhita Shirodkar from her workshop Never Fear People

Jessie Chapman's twig sketch following Ch’ng Kiah Kiean's demo

Roberta Gonçalves, Church of Sorrows with watercolor pencils

There's plenty of sharing on Instagram - these are just from the morning! Follow USk Paraty 2014 on Instagram or search for #uskparaty2014 to see the rest of the day.

Marc Holmes' workshop Tea Milk and Honey: The Three Step Watercolor Sketch

Miriam Ben's sketch from Lynne Champan's workshop, Afraid of Color?

And Miriam's photo of Nina Johansson's workhsop In the Mood

Jessie Chapman photo of these lovely gifts from Urban Sketchers Hong Kong

Liz Steel's photo from Thursday, when the higher-than-normal tide presented a challenge for getting to the afternoon workshop

Jessie Chapman's sketch from Simo Capecchi's workshop The Sketched Reportage

Ronaldo Kurita's sketch from Paulo von Poser's activity Collective Drawing

And Ronaldo's photos from Liz Steel's workshop Feeling the Edges

Fernanda Vaz de Campos' sketch from Marc Holmes' workshop

Ronaldo Kurita's photos from Fred Lynch's workshop Capturing Intangibles

And don't forget Flickr! You can search #uskparaty2014 on Flickr, also.

Liz Steel's photo of Richard Alomar's activity Unfolding a Sketching Story

Murilo Romeiro's sketch using dip pen and walnut ink

Omar Jaramillo's watercolor and Super5 sketch

Linda Permann's photo of sketchers sketching sketchers

August 29, 2014

Moleskine City Stories - Sketching London

Urban Sketchers and Moleskine are working together again for the City Stories project in London.

Moleskine City Stories is a live sketch event taking place on Saturday, September 6, at Moleskine's Covent Garden location and London Graphic Centre in London. Urban Sketchers Adebanji Alade, James Hobbs, Andrea Joseph, and Olha Pryymak will be sketching at the two locations, and will each conduct a brief learning session, describing their own take on sketching in public.

Moleskine is giving away 150 of their new Moleskine Sketch Albums, and encouraging everyone to sketch around the store and display their sketches in the stores, making them into creative labs and exhibition spaces.

The event is free and we encourage sketchers and drawing enthusiasts of all levels to participate - another way for people to meet, sketch, and share!

Locations and Times:
Moleskine Store
40 King Street
Covent Garden
11:30 am - 5:30 pm

London Graphic Centre
16-18 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
11:30 am - 5:30 pm

Information about:
Register for Learning Sessions:
London Graphics Center 

Moleskine Store Covent Garden

#moleskinestories #london #urbansketchers

Urban Sketching Symposium Paraty 2014 - Day Two - Full Day

Thursday was the first full day of the Urban Sketching Symposium, and it was quite full! The workshops were the first to start, 12 in all.

Lynne Chapman's Afraid of Color? workshop

Fred Lynch's Capturing Intangibles workshop

Kalina Wilson taking João Catarino's Reflections First of All workshop

Stephanie Bower's 180 Degrees workshop

Isis Chaulon taking Paul Heaston's Wide Angle Perspectives and Little Blank Pages workshop

Soon after, the Activities began...

Richard Alomar captured one of the best photos in Symposium history!

Ricardo Inke leading a sketching tour of Paraty

Xing Chen's lecture Neuroscience and Art

Ivonesyo Ramos leads his demonstration, Paraty Lamps

The Sketchwalks were the last to begin, as participants got a leisurely start to their sketching day.

Though everyone was engaged in different activities, all were there for the same purpose - to meet, sketch and share. There was plenty of that going on as well.

Omar working with sponsor materials from Moleskine and Cretacolor

Paul Heaston sketches everybody

Ana Paula Pereira captures the sketchbook display

Lynne Chapman finds time for her own travel journal

Matthew Brehm and Marc Holmes

Esther Semmens, Marc Holmes, Nina Johansson, Suhita Shirodkar, Liz Steel meeting early to make personal sketches before taking part in workshops and activities.

Friday is another full day, though less full for Workshop participants, who have the afternoon free to participate in activities, demonstrations, lectures, and sketchwalks. Stay tuned!


while the 5th urban sketching symposium is running in paraty, brazil, I'm thinking of you from barcelona.
I remember the wonderful time we had together last year in barcelona during the 4th symposium, sharing tips and friendship.
here are the sketches I made as the local correspondent last year, I hope that they will bring you back to this great moments as it does for me.
I miss you all, and I hope to meet you soon again.
meanwhile, I'm looking for your reports and feedback.
enjoy paraty and keep sketching!!!

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August 28, 2014

How I spent my summer vacation, part two : Banff and Kananaskis

14Aug18_Banff_Kananaskis (1)
[Moraine Lake]

Handbook Travelogue Watercolor Sketchbook 10.5x8.25”
W&N bijoux box with split primaries (pigment list in here).

We had a weekend of outrageously good weather. Might have been the best I've ever had in the Rockies. Sketching times ranging from 45 minutes sitting in the sun, to 5 minutes leaning on the car while photographers jumped out for roadside shots.


14Aug18_Banff_Kananaskis (5)
[Welsh Pond] Note: This was 7am so the photogs could get this mirror glass water. I can tell you, watercolor won't dry on a chilly damp morning. Had to walk back out of the trees and find patch of sun to dry the painting between doing the first wet-in-wet pass and the dark tree line.


14Aug18_Banff_Kananaskis (4)
[Mount Kidd]

14Aug18_Banff_Kananaskis (2)
[Lower Kananaskis Lake]

14Aug18_Banff_Kananaskis (6)
[Lake Louise]