October 2, 2014

Stationary flight

Last weekend my wife and I hosted an urbansketcher meeting in Montelimar. After exploring the city, we went to the European Fighter Aircraft Museum ...

I am a dreamer by nature. When I draw, my mind wanders ... I travel into my drawing... 

The drawing comes to life, a story says

I see Airmen prepare, painfully put on their flight suits before boarding their planes. Make the usual checks, engine start, send me a friendly wave before taxiing to the runway and take off in the roar of the engines... 

Fly like a bird in an endless sky ... Flying over this Earth tells us more than all the books... 

But there those planes don’t take off again, grounded forever ... In this exhibition through those frozen aircrafts forever, I thought, as in the death of a man it is an unknown dying world and I wondered what the images that sank with them ...

By closing my sketchbook, I remembered that letter of wing- commander Antoine de Saint -Exupery: If I'm down, I regret absolutely nothing. Future termite world terrifies me. And I hate the virtues of their robots. I was made to be a gardener. "

To draw is to remember...

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October 1, 2014

One month has past since the 5th Urban Sketching Symposium

It has been a dreamy period. Before I go there I was kind of worried that I may experience some difficulties and challenges, for example just to find the way how to get certain places, or just to order certain plate, etc.. But how lovely to have friends ( new and old) near or kind people around me all the time during my stay in Brazil. I felt safe and joy as if I was with families. Here are series of sketches I did before, during and after the Symposium. Meeting and learning from fellow instructors in the workshops as well as just sketching with other sketchers sat side by side is really influential!

Narita airport-4
Time killing sketch done in Narita airport, Tokyo, Japan.

Atlantis Copacabana Hotel's lobby
Check out time sketch in the hotel. My only sketch done in Rio.

luncheon in the restaurant, Paraty
The first lunch time in Paraty.

1st night in Paraty
Dinner time gathering in Paraty.

Paraty boat ride
Before the symposium we had cruising and sketching.

on the boat in Paraty
When the ship anchored, people started to jump into the water to swim to get the small island so the person on the left was gone before I finish drawing her.

Late afternoon sketch in Paraty( one hour)
One hour sketch done by the river. This was to practice for my demo.

Workshop A-7
A work from Behzad Bagheri's workshop A: The joy of movement

It was such a new method and his drill to liberate our way of drawing from stereotypical drawing rules really took scales from my eyes. ( paint three colors on the paper without intention to capture any scene, then after making the paint, look around and find the object/scene that fits your drawing.)

Lunch time in Paraty
Lunch time sketch.

Workshop O
A work from Suhita Shirodkar's workshop O: Never Fear The People

After practicing capturing moving/ walking people on the street with simple line drawing, we then put all the people on the street as much as possible while time to time capturing the detail of the back ground such as buildings, pebbled road. People come and go, so get the movement in certain moment when same posture repeated, sometimes get the motion from other individual when the first one has gone.

dinner time in Paraty
Dinner time sketch.

Early morning sketch in Paraty-1( one hour)
Early morning one hour sketch. This one was also done to practice my demo.

A church, Paraty
This day in the morning I went to sketch walk. A riverside view.

sketching with KK
Kiah Kiean was also sketching near me by the river. I borrowed his ink and twig pen and sketched him.

Activity A6:Unfolding a sketching story-1
I took Richard Alomar's Activity A6: Unfolding a sketching story

I definitely practice this map making next time I go on the trip. I'm such a direction deaf and this kind sketch memo will helps me a lot understanding the place.

in the restaurant at night, Paraty
Dinner time sketch.

Casa da Cultura de Paraty
Early morning sketch.

Workshop I (Line Flow:Live Spot)-4
A work from Norberto Dorantes's workshop I Line Flow/Live Spot

Drawing objects with unbroken-line gives me new insight and new look on my drawings.

Workshop I (Line Flow:Live Spot)-5
Again, from Norberto Dorantes's workshop. This time put some limited colors on the unbroken-line drawing. I find myself observing things more carefully while practicing this method.

riverside view in Paraty
Open Sketchwalk time sketch.

a sketch on the fan
My last early morning sketch in Paraty.

A view seen from the hotel in Sao Paulo
A view from the hotel in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo in the morning
Morning view in front of the park in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo-2
This one I tried to mimic my fellow sketcher Nina's work. She made similar angled beautiful sketch.

inside GRU airport
Time killing sketch in the GRU airport in Sao Paulo ( I spent time there nearly 12 hours in total)

GRU ( Sao Paulo airport)-1
Airport sketch.

Emirates at Sao Paulo
Airport sketch.

boarding, and inside the emirates airplane
Boarding and inside the plane ( Sao Paulo to Dubai)

inside the emirates
Airplane sketch ( Dubai to Narita)

Again, many thanks to those organizers who made this wonderful time happen!

My sketches from Paraty!






I am very late for my post on Paraty here but I still want to do it and take this opportunity to thank the symposium committee and local organisers for the unique and wonderful experience. Paraty is such a beautiful small colonial city paved with cobblestones.

These are bigger format ink and watercolour work at size 680 x240mm and you can visit my blog to view other sketches on Paraty on Moleskine Large Japanese Album here. Enjoy!

Around the corner

I am inspired by Rob Carey's post from yesterday. Living in the suburbs of Montreal, I often have the same problem as Rob. My sketching time is limited and I want to get out and draw something. My immediate surroundings, at first glance, are not that interesting. Suburban houses and strip malls. But if you take a bit of time to look around, you realize there is always something to sketch. If the day is sunny, there's the play of light and shadow on one of those houses, or the colours in the trees around the corner from my street, or the old man on a bench in the park in my neighbourhood. Of course I'd rather be sketching a panoramic view of Montreal from the mountain, but when time or distance is a factor, I'm much happier sketching not much at all than not sketching anything.

Drawing Attention – October 2014

Urban Sketchers Events and Workshops

Paraty symposium staff and volunteers ham it up at the final sketchwalk.
(animated GIF by Greg Mullin)

The next International Urban Sketching Symposium could be in your hometown! Submit a proposal by Oct. 20!

Fort Worth-based urban sketcher, urban designer, writer and educator Jim Richards will teach a workshop in Savannah (USA) at the Telfair Museum in conjunction with its Port City exhibit Oct. 4. The workshop is sponsored by Canson.

Wonderful sketches and fun photos are still pouring into the Urban Sketchers Paraty 2014 Flickr group!

News from Urban Sketchers Communities

Barcelona's Mostra & Comparteix

Urban Sketchers Barcelona (Spain) is organizing Mostra & Comparteix (Show & Share) Oct. 9. "It's a kind of party where people share their sketchbooks after summer and spring," Swasky said, when sketchers have had more opportunities to sketch outdoors. He hopes the idea will catch on with other USk communities. 

Urban Sketchers Oahu (USA) had a kick-off event Sept. 21 on Magic Island. "We started sketching at 8 a.m. to escape the heat of the day, and ended the morning by gathering together and sharing our sketches," said co-organizer Sebastian Sievert. "Looking ahead, we plan to sketch in a variety of locations around the island, covering both iconic and unconventional sights of our home state, from lush landscapes and beaches to industrial installations." Sebastian invites any sketchers visiting Hawaii to contact USk Oahu for a sketch outing. Find USk Oahu on their blog, on Flickr and on Facebook.

Urban Sketchers Oahu sketching on Magic Island.
The Great South East, a Brisbane (Australia) television station, aired a story about USk Brisbane Sept. 21. Organizer Judy-Joy Bell says that in the two years the group has been sketching together, membership has grown to nearly 190. "We like to document the historical aspects of our beautiful City of Brisbane mostly, but also haunt public gardens and parks as well," JJ said. USk Brisbane was also featured in a Brisbane Times article back in April in conjunction with Anzac Day.

Urban Sketchers Eskiltuna (Sweden) is having a group exhibition through Oct. 16. 

Urban sketchers are gathering in Ithaca, NY (USA), for a free sketching weekend Oct. 17 - 19The Trip Hotel Ithaca is the paintout's home base, according to organizer Marc Taro Holmes. Details are still being finalized, so check out the Google Maps Engine page for information.

Urban sketchers in Zurich.
Urban sketchers had a fantastic sketchcrawl in Zurich (Switzerland) Sept. 27, according to André Sandmann. In addition to an opportunity for great sketching, André said that one purpose of the gathering was "to collect impressions and results as a documentation of actual USk movement in Switzerland," which was initiated by Mario Leimbacher for the magazine HEFT of the Society of Swiss Art Teachers. The article will be published in the next edition. Some of the sketches will be exhibited at Kantonsschule Enge.

Urban Sketchers New Jersey (USA) has just launched its blog! Go see their sketches of "Awesomeness Behind NJ Turnpike Exits."

Sketchers in Action

A summit of urban sketchers in Liège (Belgium) received great coverage Sept. 11 in the Liège newspaper Le SoirGerard Michel, Antoine Michel and Fabien Denoël hosted the event, and sketchers Inma Serrano, Simonetta Capecchi, Corinne Raes, Lapin, Miguel Herranz, David Magli, Rolf Schröter, Rene Fijten, Luis Ruiz and Florian Afflerbach were invited to participate.

Gabi Campanario's latest book is based on his Seattle Sketcher column.
Urban Sketchers founder Gabi Campanario, better known in Washington State's Puget Sound region as Seattle Sketcher, has a new book hot off the press! Published by The Seattle Times, the book includes many of his most popular sketches from his weekly column in that newspaper. You can still pre-order the book at the special price of $29.95 (a 15 percent discount) through Oct. 5. The book starts shipping Oct. 10. The first book-signing event will be at the University Book Store in Seattle Oct. 11.

Elizabeth Alley, Urban Sketchers Executive Board Vice President and Events Director, published an article on Creative Bloq Sept. 5 about the fast-growing urban sketching movement. Creative Bloq is an online magazine of design and illustration.

An image from Adebanji Alade's prize-winning sketchbook.
Congratulations to London (UK) artist Adebanji Alade, who just won a £2,000 first place Buxton Spa Prize award for his sketchbook! 

USk Seattle (USA) co-organizer Jane Wingfield's sketch of Walla Walla caught the attention of a journalist for the Walla Walla Union Bulletin. The Sept. 23 article in that newspaper mentions Urban Sketchers and the Seattle and Tri-Cities USk groups.

Shout it Out in Drawing Attention

Not seeing anything about you or your Urban Sketchers group in Drawing Attention? Then we want to hear from you! Please send your urban sketching news items with links and images to: drawingattention@urbansketchers.org. Or tag me, Tina Koyama, on news you post on the Urban Sketchers Facebook page. Subscribe by e-mailHappy sketching!

Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

I sometimes wake up in the morning with a strong urge to sketch a specific topic.
In the past I've had an urge for classic cars, buildings, construction machines, people etc

This morning it was Dinosaurs and since I've sketched most of the dinosaurs in my area, I drove 2-1/2 hours to New Haven Connecticut to go see the Peabody Museum of Natural History in the Yale University campus.

This was my first time in the area and I was equally impressed with the school campus and the architectures in the area. I think I might even make another trip down here just to draw the buildings in the area!